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The benefits of H3 LOSP F/J Pine

H3 LOSP Pine
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Handy Hints

Regular maintenance checks should be carried out at least quarterly keeping a close eye on any movement especially in the sealed joins between two timbers. If you notice the sealant has opened up and created a gap simply reapply the sealant immediately and re paint. By carrying out inspections on a regular basis not only do you avoid the possibility of an expensive repair job or replacement part of but the time taken to fix the problem is simple yet quick. The worst thing anyone can do would be to delay any repair work and forgetting about it.

Another important note to remember is that all paints are bio degradable. Although some paints have a guaranteed life span under perfect conditions unfortunately Mother Nature is not so forgiving.

A simple method to check how your paint is holding up is to run your finger along the surface. If you notice a chalky substance on your finger this is a good indication that a re paint is near approaching. This chalky film is what we call oxidation. This is usually the first sign indicating that the paint’s chemical structure is starting to break down.

Another sign to look out for is if fine hair line cracks are starting to appear on the surface of the paint. A simple light sand, wiping off any dust with a damp cloth and re applying another premium acrylic top coat or two is all that is required.



Mito and Son - Woodturners - Reflections of Yesteryear

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