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The benefits of H3 LOSP F/J Pine

H3 LOSP Pine
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The benefits of H3 LOSP F/J Pine

At Mito & Son P/L we pride ourselves on only using the best products available as well as best practice when it comes to servicing the specific needs of our valued clients. We offer unbiased technical support and advice in pre preparation and installation as well as appropriate design for the project in mind.

A majority of our external products are manufactured using seasoned Kiln Dried H3 LOSP F/J Pine. There are many advantages using this product over other alternatives.

1. A sustainable resource from plantation timber enabling us to protect old growth forests and the habitats of wild life for future generations.

2. A structurally engineered product that was developed to meet the growing needs of the Building Industry nationally and internationally. Compliant with Australian Standards AS1604 this particular product is kiln dried and very stable. There is none of the following side effects that are common practice with other types of timbers used for the same applications as this product:

This product is very stable and doesn’t need to be wrapped in a protective plastic seal to prevent the timber from shrinking. Other timber types still need to be wrapped even after the product has been installed.

As an engineered product, the series of laminations as well as finger joins staggered along the product help maintain the straightness of the product as well as structural benefits. Compliance to Australian Standards AS1720 regular and stringent tests are performed including Delamination testing as well as stiffness to maintain a constant quality in producing this premium product.

Almost non existent.

Sap Free
This particular timber type is sap free and doesn’t portray the ongoing problems sap causes even when other types of timber are painted. It is a well known fact that the sap manages to still work its way to the surface of certain timbers even when it is painted.

All of our quality heritage style timber products that are for external application use are treated after manufacturing is completed. We pride ourselves on best practice procedures ensuring our valued client only gets the best available product.

Our policy is simple – If our product is not of a standard that we would happily accept for ourselves then why should our valued client be any different?

Always request Australian Standards Compliant Products and protect yourself against inferior alternatives.

Mito and Son - Woodturners - Reflections of Yesteryear

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