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Verandah Rafters

Choose from our range of period style rafters, whether bullnose, concave/vex or gothic to create that finishing touch to any Verandah.

Available in a range of sizes and radii to meet your specific requirements, our bullnose rafters are available from 300mm radii up to 600mm radii. Custom matching of existing rafters is also available.

Our rafters are only made from quality materials and in house strength tested to meet the highest standards.

Verandah Rafters

Verandah Rafters

Bullnose Verandah

Concave Verandah

Convex Verandah

Gothic Verandah

Rafter Construction Diagram

Click here for downloadable pdf version of rafter construction diagram


Mito and Son - Woodturners - Reflections of Yesteryear

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