Mito and Son -Woodturners - reflecMito and Son - Woodturners - Reflections of Yesteryear
Verandah Posts
Verandah Rafters
Straight Fretwork
Curved Fretwork
Wall Brackets
Newell Posts
Decorative Gable      Fretwork
Gable Finials
Window/Door Canopies
Barge and Fascia Trim
Flyscreen Doors
Eave Brackets
Cricket Bats
Fence Capitols and Plates
Rails and Plinth Boards
Privacy Screens

Straight Fretwork

Whether straight or curved, Fretwork can be used both internally as well as externally. All Fretwork, straight or curved is provided fully assembled ready to install.

Curved Fretwork is available in varying styles as well as depths to suit specific requirements. The style of Fretwork can be mixed and matched with various optional components to create that desired appearance.

The same applies to Straight Fretwork.

Special consideration should be acknowledged regarding height restrictions when choosing a design.


Mito and Son - Woodturners - Reflections of Yesteryear

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